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Meet the Newest Magic Pant!

Bubble Gum Becky—a.k.a. Becky Gomez—is the newest performer to don a pair of Mighty Magic Pants. She joins the group from Fort Worth, Tex., and is proud to proclaim, “I am officially a Nebraskan now.”

Becky has three kids of her own—four, if you count her super-supportive husband Rick Gomez. Becky and Rick’s kids range in age from six to fourteen, and they, too, are excited about having a performing mom.

While Becky has never performed professionally, she has been an active singer in her local church. And as Mike Mennard says, “Some people, like Becky, were born to own

Bubble Gum Becky, the newest Mighty Magic Pant

a stage.” Becky replaces Tori Hudgins, the much beloved “Miss Tori,” who’s been with the group from its inception in 2012. As Becky came from Texas to Nebraska, Tori is leaving behind Nebraska for Texas, on her way to Baylor University to begin work on her doctorate in mathematics. She plans, however, to continue to write music for the Mighty Magic Pants. The group is sad to see her go, but can’t wait to see what exciting math songs might come from her graduate work. Becky has already begun recording with the group on its newest adventure, a Christmas album due out in 2014. When you hear her sing about having the flu on Christmas, you’ll believe she really has the flu!Best of all, Becky may give Pirate Jake a run for his money on stage. She’s not afraid to go toe-to-toe with Jake’s quick humor. The Mighty Magic Pants is made up of five teachers and parents (and pirates), each of whom believes that families deserve shared experiences to be enjoyed together. They call it “the mighty magic experience.” That includes fun music and poetry that families can listen to in the car, in the living room, or even in the kitchen…TOGETHER.

-Wrangler Ryan

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