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My Letter To Santa!

If you've been to a Christmas show with the Mighty Magic Pants, you know that Santa recently sent a helper to make sure we met his strict Christmas standards—lovingly known as Azrielf!

And at each show, she uses her giant pencil to write down the kids want for Christmas!

Maybe you haven't made it to a show and are worried Santa won't get your list in time. Well, here is your chance to send your list back to the North Pole with Azrielf. Just leave your Christmas wish in the comments below and Santa is sure to see them!

If you need some ideas, here are some of the things the Mighty Magic Pants family have on their lists this year.

Our Christmas wish list:

  1. Snow on Christmas

  2. Pink Converse

  3. Sonic screwdriver

  4. No sickness! (Especially the flu!)

  5. Complete works of William Shakespeare

  6. Lego Star Wars clone carrier

  7. Pet food

  8. All settled into a new home

  9. Bigger guitar amps

  10. Puppy

  11. Lego Friends stable

  12. Chocolate (preferably dark)

  13. Vacation time with family

  14. Books

  15. More Pants!!

- Bubble Gum Becky

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