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Party Like It's Your Birthday!

Whenever anyone asks about my favorite holiday, my response is the same, “My kids birthdays!”

“A birthday’s not a holiday,” they always respond.

But if a friend of mine is nearby, they’ll say, “Oh, if you knew Tawnya, you’d know that birthdays are a holiday at her house.”

Wrangler Ryan and I try to make each birthday a very special day for our kids. Instead of having a bunch of friends over for a big party, we try to make the day all about the birthday child.

One month before a birthday, we start a countdown every morning and start discussing plans for the big day. On their birthday, each child gets to chose the menu for each meal and the family activities for the day.

One week out from the birthday, we put the final touches on the planning and go purchase the needed recipe ingredients and supplies so we can prepare. It’s great fun to watch excitement build as the big day gets closer.

This year the kids turned the tables on me. In late October, they informed me that I had a month to go until my birthday. And they counted down every day and did everything they could to make the month exciting. They tried to secretly plan my birthday and make it a special day.

They’re still learning the secret part—their questions turned out to not be quite as stealthful as they had hoped. But I loved it anyway, and they made me feel so special.

All our kids have their birthdays in the summer and we’re just about to start the first month countdown. As we do, I’m reminded that it doesn’t take lots of money and stuff to make great memories as a family. All it takes is a little time and creativity.

- Tawnya

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