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We caught up with that piratey rogue, Buccaneer Ben, of the Mighty Magic Pants last week, who had just returned from Naka-Kon, an anime convention in Overland Park, Kansas to show off his latest cosplay.

Ok, back up. Wha??

If those words are foreign to you, Ben can expla...

The Mighty Magic Pants are back with a new studio album for kids and families, but it didn’t come without a season of grief and despair. The group will debut its new project, My Mom is Batman, on February 11, at The Space, located in the Trade Center on S. 58th Street.


Oh, we cannot be more excited. Our newest album is nearly done, and it’s super—as in SUPERHERO!

It’s called My Mom is Batman. It might just be the biggest thing since Captain America came out of ice.

You’ll meet new superheroes, such as Dung Beetle, the Mighty Hippo, and...

by Bubble Gum Becky

I can't imagine a world without pirates!
A pirate who sings and plays drums. 
I can't imagine a world without pirates!
Who will give us great, big bear hugs?

I can't imagine a world without pirates!
A pirate that's gruff and then bursts into smiles.