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Meet Azriel!

The newest member of the Mighty Magic Pants, Azriel Peckham, joined the group as the Santa's emissary from the North Pole during their 2014 Christmas show. They liked her so much, they convinced her to stay in balmy Nebraska.

Azriel Peckham loves glitter. That love shows itself in her magic pants, as well as in her smile.

Azriel grew up in Southern California and in Kansas City, but now calls Lincoln, Nebraska, her home. In May of 2015, she became a registered nurse, completing her nursing degree from Union College. However, while she loves helping people as a nurse, her first love is singing. She also loves dancing in the rain, making crafts, watching The Little Mermaid for the umpteenth time, and working with glitter—did we mention she loves glitter?

This summer is a big one for Azriel. Aside from completing a nursing degree and joining the Mighty Magic Pants, she is getting married this August. Zach, her fiancé, is a lucky guy, and we sure hope he likes glitter.

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